The Infiorata di Noto is one of the most beautiful events in Sicily, three days of festivities where citizens and tourists gather to admire the pavement works made with flower petals and seeds. The baroque city becomes even more colorful than it already is, in a spring that has been in progress for some time in Sicily.

This year it reaches its 39th edition and will be held, as usual, on the third Sunday of May, that is on 18th, 19th and 20th May. There are many related events while the staircase comes to life with “Cina in fiore”, the main topic of the event.

Town dressmakers in period costume, figures, flag bearers and musicians will liven up the streets of the town, there will be many stands and tastings not to be missed to taste the local gastronomy and much more at the Noto infiorata.

In reality there are many similar events in Italy, the month of May is full of events scattered throughout the peninsula during the inflorata Corpus Domini. In some countries, the stairways of the churches are simply covered, in others it is a real moment of art and celebration.

The panels realized with the art of flower mosaic tell stories, traditions and legends related to the territory to announce the Corpus Domini of June 3rd. In Liguria it is possible to admire the floral display of Diano Marina or the floral display of Brugnato in the province of La Spezia in the Cinque Terre hinterland. Towards Rome instead you can admire 3,000 km long tapestries of flowers to remember the Miracle of Bolsena.

Infiorata of Noto: history

Tradition says that it all began in Rome in the first half of the seventeenth century to celebrate spring in the Baroque style.

In 1625 paintings were made in the Vatican basilica using flowers instead of mosaic tesserae, the first author was Benedetto Drei, head of the Floreria Vatican, and of his son Pietro during the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, patrons of Rome.

The idea pleased so much that it survived to the present day and spread like wildfire throughout Italy. A Gentian artist visiting Noto fell in love with the baroque that mastered the city and decided to make a floral display in Via Nicolaci, the street that runs along the great Baroque palaces and arrives at the church of Montevergini. Since 1980 Noto has hosted the greatest local artists and not to give life to this show of flowers and colors.