Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spend time with your loved one, away from everything and everyone, a special occasion to declare or reiterate your love. Among the many gifts for the party of lovers, surely a nice trip, topped off with an experience in some romantic place, and with a candlelit dinner, can only be the maximum.

Obviously we of Caportigia, we can only propose Syracuse, so now follow us on this little trip to one of the most romantic and legendary areas of Sicily, because probably if on February 14 you will choose the “Valentine’s Day according to Caportigia”, you can say that you have lived a ‘unforgettable experience.

Syracuse…for a legendary Valentine’s Day

“You have to be in love to come to Syracuse from so far”

The millenary history, the archaeological marvels and the enchanting sea, are the elements that make Syracuse, south east of Sicily protected by UNESCO, the ideal destination for a romantic trip in the company of your partner. The magic of Syracuse seduces the hearts of lovers , bewitching them with its beauty among the labyrinths of Ortigia, in search of new glimpses of the sea, of new architectural volutes in the facades of its many noble palaces, of new magnificent portals in the dozens of churches hidden in these strip of land all stretched out on the sea Ionian.

Discovering Sicilian Baroque: Noto and Modica

This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about Eastern Sicily with its Baroque art and the flavors of ancient arts such as those of chocolate making. Caportigia offers a tour between Noto and Modica, the cities that most represent Baroque Sicily.

Noto: what to see in one day

Visiting Noto will immerse you in the Baroque capital, its historic center has been defined by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site because of its attractions. The Porta Reale will welcome you, a triumphal arch from the 1800s that marks the beginning of Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Continuing we arrive at the immense square seat of the Church of Santa Chiara, one of the most important examples of Baroque in the whole of Sicily. The interior of the church is full of decorations, cherubs and stuccos that continue up to the terrace from which there is a breathtaking view.

The cathedral of San Nicolò is a jewel of the 700 that dominates the entire historic center. Going through the immense stairways is said to be good for lovers, destined to live together forever.

Modica: what to see in one day

Visiting Modica is a discovery not only from a cultural point of view but above all for the gastronomic one. The architectural beauties of Modica like the ancient Castle make this city a beautiful exploration.
Walking through the streets you can admire sacred, baroque buildings and suggestive noble palaces, a sign of the ancient splendor of Modica. But the symbol and pride of the city is the famous Modica chocolate, from which a beautiful museum was also born.

The chocolate museum: immerse yourself in taste

It is a stage that could not be missed in the tour, inside the museum you will discover how the chocolate of modica is born with anecdotes and salt with many surprises.

You will be surprised by the miniature of Italy of chocolate, a large bas-relief of about nine meters entirely made of chocolate, the capital of each region is represented by the symbols of that city.

The chocolate masters can be admired at work while they make this luscious mix of cocoa, sugar and various spices.

Here is the Love Week: the Valentine’s Day offer proposed by Caportigia

Thanks to the Love Week, the offer of Valentine’s Day proposed by the Hotel Caportigia, you can give yourself a dream, a romantic getaway for two in the magnificent Greek city of Syracuse. A charming room (decorated for the anniversary with rose petals) is waiting for you, where you can stay the night of February 14th and an unforgettable gourmet dinner at our restaurant “Il Tiranno”.